Survey and new schedule

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Hey Bushwick CrossFit athletes

Hope you guys enjoyed the snow! So we sent out a survey to you guys a few weeks ago and we got back a lot of great and useful feedback! As a result of the survey, we are implementing a few changes that you can expect starting Monday, February 13th.

– We will be implementing a hard cap of 14 (16 on partner Saturday WODs) people per class. If you are NOT reserved or signed in for the class or come late and we have hit the cap, you will be asked to come to a later class. This will be strictly enforced, please respect this rule as it keeps you guys safe and gives the coaches the best opportunity to keep an eye and help everyone.
– Lateness is never good. Up to 5 minutes late and if the class is not capped, you will be allowed to join the class with penalties decided by the coach. 😉 5-10 minutes late, it will be at the coach’s discretion. 10 minutes late, please wait for the next class. Thanks
– The weekday morning schedule will be starting at 6am, which will be a Level 2 only class. 7am will be an all levels class and 8am will be Level 1. Please note there is no 8am level 1 on Friday mornings.
– We will be replacing all the Bootcamp classes with hour long classes. Monday – Thursday 5:30pm will be Level 1 CF classes. Sunday 10am and 10:30am Bootcamp classes will be melded into one All levels CrossFit class.
– Friday’s schedule is the most different of all the weekdays as it has a reduced class schedule, with no 8am class and no 7:30pm class. There will be two Friday PM classes, 5:30pm and 6:30pm.
– Free intro is being moved to Wednesday at 8:30pm (and keeping Saturday noon) so that we can add another level 1 class on Tuesday night at 8:30pm. Bodyweight Strength / Yoga is being moved to 7:30pm on Wednesday night.
– Official Open Gym hours (see attached memo). Basically one hour slots in the morning, noon and night. And one hour slots on Saturday and Sunday. Athletes must sign in for Open Gym as it counts as a class.

We hope these changes and improvements make BWCF an even better place for you guys! Thanks and lets go Boltz!

BWCF_Schedule Feb17


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